Duck Confit


  • Duck legs with thighs and gizzards
  • Layer skin side down in hotel pan
  • Top this layer with rock salt,
  • dry thyme, crushed juniper
  • berries and bay leaves.
  • Cover with layer of legs, skin
  • side up and cover with same
  • seasoning mix. Allow to stand
  • overnight, covered in refrigerator.
  • Having gathered all the fat from the
  • butchered duck and rendered it,
  • strain and place in cool place over
  • night.
  • The next day, cover the duck with
  • fat and bake in 300F oven for about
  • 3 hours. Never allow the fat to get
  • above 200 degrees as measured
  • by a thermometer.


  • To serve: This duck can be packed in its own fat and refrigerated for future use. Otherwise, it is used as a seasoning meat; as in cousselet. For the Chef's Tasting we served shredded duck confit with gizzards (with grissle removed) and fanned seared duck breast over the confit.


  • SOURCE: Thomas Oden

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