Salted Preserved Olives


  • A very slow method, yielding very strong
  • tasty fruit that can be processed later by
  • inserting in vinegared brind, used for
  • cooking as is, and may even be eaten
  • directly without further processing.
  • 1. Layer the ripe olives in coarse salt.
  • One layer of salt, then a layer of olives,
  • ending with a layer of salt.
  • 2. Takes at least 10 weeks and maybe
  • longer.
  • 3. When olives are "debittered" to your
  • taste, they may be:
  • - bottled dry after removing all or most
  • of the salt.
  • - bottled with usual mixture of brine and
  • vinegar (50/50)
  • - bottled in brine and vinegar with garlic
  • and oregano. Dried tomatoes make
  • a wonderful addition.
  • - more elaborately you may also add feta
  • cheese chunks to the dried tomatoes,
  • garlic, oregano, brine and vinegar
  • concoction. You need a strong will to
  • keep this
  • this for long because it is so tasty.



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