Variations on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich



  • Rosemary +Fontina+Brie
  • Rosemary Bread
  • Rosemary compound butter
  • Layered with Fontina, brie, fresh sliced pear, wildflower honey, goat cheese and cote blue cheese. Adapted from Chana Hershberger, Taste Cafe
  • Homemade Bread + Feta
  • Salami, Feta, hand-whipped sage and shallot butter
  • Jeremy Hansen, Sante Restaurant
  • Pizza Bread + Smoked Mozzarella
  • Homemade honey sweetened pizza bread topped with applewood smoked mazzarella with
  • a balsamic onion preserve and grilloed slicd tomatoes.
  • Darrin Gleason, Downriver Grill


  • SOURCE: Adapted from Metro Magazine

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